Active Outdoors: Concierge and Adventure Travel


Over three decades ago, we began introducing our friends and business associates to the outdoors. Active Outdoors has developed a vast international outdoor menu that has become the standard for other adventure travel providers. Explorers at heart, our team has traveled, lived, and played throughout Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, and South America.

In the United States, we have an intimate knowledge of the many outdoor opportunities available in the Rocky Mountain West, the Upper Midwest, and the Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota areas.

True multi-sport enthusiasts, we include: fly fishing, wing-shooting, paddling, biking, hiking, and skiing among our many core competencies. The Active Outdoors team is comprised of experts that have been employed professionally as adventure guides, travel consultants, corporate trainers, financial specialists, environmental educators, teachers, biologists, and project managers. We are the people we serve.

Active Outdoors was formed to address the needs around a lack of refined, professional guiding in the remote regions of the world. We focus specifically on areas that offer our friends the most remarkable adventure opportunities.

Conventional travel agencies can get you to the airport and maybe to an acceptable accommodation in these outlying areas; but that is where the capabilities end.

Active Outdoors is driven by our core customers.

Our Focus

Parachute Landing